Who We Are

Soundpays™ leads the way when it comes to making payments with ultrasonic sound waves. We are a Toronto based company that has solved the challenges of transmitting ultra sonic sound waves via Television broadcasts, digital displays, online video’s, e-commerce sites and in store to make a purchase.

Our mobile wallet has been featured on BNN television show, Techvibes, Pymnts.com and Inc Magazine as well as winning an award at the premier banking innovation conference in New York, FinovateFALL2015.

Sound wave technology allows Soundpays™ to be easily adopted because virtually no hardware or software is required to use it - as long as a speaker and internet connection exist - Soundpays™ will work.

Our Soundpays™ wallet captures ultrasonic signals being transmitted when a transaction is being initiated. The transmission has no personal identifiable information, but rather a “token” used to to communicate with secure servers. It is completely safe and secure and works on virtually all mobile phones. Using Soundpays makes you a part of history by being the first users to make a purchase with sound waves.

Sound of Caring is our opportunity to launch Soundpays™ and demonstrate the app’s ease of use and innovative features, while giving to those in need at the same time.

Visit us at: Soundpays.com