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  • Sound Of Caring Campaign


    Soundpays has partnered with seven fantastic Canadian charities for the launch of our mobile wallet. Download and Donate $5 to one or all of these deserving charities today.
    We will cover all transaction charges to ensure 100% of all monies collected reaches the charity.

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  • Soundpays.  A Better Way To Pay.

    Soundpays is the first and only mobile wallet solution to enable secure transactions with nothing more than regular sound waves in noisy environments.
    Unlike competitors such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, with Soundpays, merchants can sell to customers with any mobile phone without adding new hardware.


    TV + Video

    See something you like while watching your favourite show or tuned into an infomercial? An inaudible sound wave is sent to your Soundpays Mobile Wallet on your mobile phone, letting you make a purchase, donate or book an appointment all from the comfort of your home.

    Digital Signage

    Imagine booking a test drive while watching a new car ad or making a donation to a charity while waiting for transit. Soundpays allows interaction with new video digital signage so waiting just got a lot more enjoyable.

    In-Store + Online

    Soundpays works on all Apple and Android phones, so you never have to wonder if Soundpays will be accepted when you go to make a purchase at your favourite store. Since Soundpays doesn’t need any extra hardware to work, merchants can easily setup Soundpays.

    Pay Anywhere!

    We made it easy for you to use Soundpays. Thats why we went beyond what others offer and let you use Soundpays anywhere. Want a mobile wallet that supports 1 click shopping online - you can do that. What about when you are watching TV or a Youtube video but don’t want to call the 1-800 number - you can do that. See something that catches your attention on a digital display advertisement but don’t want to go a website - you can do that.

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    Purchases are transmitted by sound to the Soundpays mobile wallet and then charged to your debit account or credit card. Your banking information is never stored or transmitted during this entire process!

    iOS + Android

    iOS + Android

    With Soundpays, your mobile wallet will never be locked to a specific device or ecosystem. Whether you choose Apple or Android, Soundpays goes where you go.


    Soundpays Solutions

    Soundpays Solutions

    Soundpays is a mobile payment solution creating a seamless experience across all purchase channels. Our breakthrough technology uses inaudible sound waves, enabling all mobile devices to become a mobile wallet.

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