A Mobile
Engagement Solution

That utilizes patented ultrasonic sound technology to transfer marketing data to consumer mobile devices

How Does it work!

Ultrasonic sound files are uploaded to content playing on TV, DOOh signs, venue sound systems, etc

Soundpays technology is built into your app or your Client's app

Once built in, it provides users with the ability to scan and read ultrasonic waves

Those ultrasonic soundwaves are linked to the Advertiser content playing on audio or video-based media

Users/viewers are able to engage with the media content that they are watching or listening to

What are users engaging with?

About Soundpays

The strength of Soundpays lies in its simplicity and in the ubiquitous availability of sound waves. There are no specialized hardware requirements at either the POS, the media channel or the receiving handset.

Any size, version or manufacturer of speakers or phone mic works perfectly; indoors or outdoors.

The company IP is protected by three patents awarded in United States, Canada, China and Japan.

Soundpays Benefits

Soundpays transforms your mobile into a powerful engagement channel

Imagine a new kind of consumer engaged in the moment and on the spot

Soundpays creates a new incremental revenue for advertising and marketing

Turning your marketing data into results with data-driven attributes

The solution generates new levels of advanced, attribution data, including customer interest and intent-to-purchase measurements

New Levels of Attribution Data

Where is it Applied?

The Soundpays solution is utilized on a B2B basis by major entities:

Retail (In-mall or store)

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

TV/Streaming RADIO | Podcast

Live Events

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