Whether Linear TV, Connected TV, or the future with ASTC 3.0, the ability to measure and provide an individual viewers data in a highly private manner achieved by enabling content with Soundpays proprietary technology and gathering viewer-permissioned actions as Soundpays Attribution Data.

While our mobile experience improves yield by closing the loop with instant mobile purchases of products or services embedded in content or thru advertising, the Soundpays Attribution Data provides a secondary opportunity to enhance broadcaster, advertiser and agency content capabilities.

We help measure program content or advertising, and provide brands or products with atrribution data captured at the individual level, which helps identify the intentions, lift and yield of the individual consumer’s interaction with specific content.

We capture anonymous and non-anonymous data about one or more individuals in the room and the content they choose to engage with. Soundpays Attribution Data captures a viewer/consumer at the exact moment they are exposured to Soundpays-enabled content, which would include product-placements, direct advertising or other branding. We record the interaction through our own mobile commerce app, or as a data point through our SDK, or enhanced at the Set-top box with our SSDK installed.

Some of the areas where Soundpays Attribution Data can be used:

  1. To amplify existing 1st Party Data collected by existing sources
  2. To enhance media trading by sharing individual attribution not just household exposure to content
  3. To connect 3rd Party Data more suscinctly based on the real exposure, interests and intent of viewers
  4. To elevate advanced/connected TV including both addressable and targeted offerings

Brands and content owners can use Soundpays today on both Linear TV and Connected TV. We are working directly with 5G and ASTC 3.0 leaders to ensure our capabilities extend into the nextgen content/media environments. We measure and provide a secure, anonymous version of individual viewers data including their viewer-permissioned interaction with the content.

Why Soundpays Attribution Data?

  1. We know the exact person(s) in a household that viewed, showed interest in, and closed to the loop with regards to a brand’s advertisement, time-of-day or daypart, program or advert being shown, broadcaster or connected TV platform.
  2. We can provide aggregated data about other engagements where we can anonymously identify the viewer’s mobile phone.
  3. We can empower marketers to make more knowledgeable decisions about their products, advertising, user design, branding, and competition.